Text messaging has slowly and gradually evolved as one of the handiest tool today’s marketing professional is blessed with. It’s cheaper than many other forms of marketing and can cover an extensive customer base simultaneously. In short, the benefits of SMS marketing are manifold — provided you have an excellent strategy in place alongside the ability to implement it. The following is a rundown of three excellent ways that you can configure your SMS marketing campaign for yielding almost instant results…

1. Give discount or special offer coupons

Distributing SMS coupons or special discounts to deserving customers is a good text message marketing idea that can deliver instant success. If used properly, this tactic has the potential to boost your sales figures with almost immediate effect. However, be mindful of the fact that if you are offering discount coupons on products which are already seeing a decent sale without any sort of special offers, then probably it’s just a waste of your time and resources. Instead, try to offer these special discount coupons on those products or services that are yet to witness a surge in the sales figures.

2. Launch new products

When you launch a new product or service, the best possible way to start it on a high note is building anticipation about the new offering beforehand. Yes, SMS text marketing services can help you accomplish this objective pretty easily — without requiring you to spend a fortune. Through the right combination of quality, attractive content and a good timing, your SMS marketing campaigns can build enough anticipation among awaiting fan-boys for the new product to step into the market with a promising sales figure.

3. Harvest brand loyalty

SMS marketing can also bring you excellent results when it comes to encouraging brand loyalty among your fans. As you probably know, with proper planning, SMS marketing campaigns can be extremely target oriented, meaning you can use your individual campaigns to offer special coupons to select customers. This in turn, makes them feel special and helps you form a stronger bond — the perfect ingredients for enhancing brand loyalty, right?

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