sms automation for schools

SMS Marketing Ideas for Schools

Now that the cost of sending SMS has been brought down many schools and non-profit organisations are now able to use the power of SMS everyday for otherwise time consuming and frustrating administration tasks.

SMS is a great way to raise engagement with parents and get specific, personalised information across in a timely way. Also, because it’s two way at no cost to the person replying, it’s a really efficient way to get feedback and replies. Check out the way the replies are displayed and how it’s so easy to manage them. No more paper shuffling!

It’s easy to maintain correct details for your parents; most parents have mobile phones even in low decile schools. In our experience parents will actively make sure you have their details when they get used to increased personalised communication with you.

Below are only some of the ways that your school can use Texta bulk SMS. Actual template ideas have been provided.

Truancy/School Role Administration

Notify parents that their children have not shown up to school and ask parents to reply with a reason or that they were unaware. You can then view the responses in Texta and follow up by phone with those that haven’t replied by a certain time (this will cut your work in half at least!)
Hi #ParentName#, #ChildName# is absent from school today. Pls reply with reason before 10am or call office to discuss. Thanks #AdminName#

Event notification/Cancellation/Postponement

When you have something going on and need to tell people about it – or remind them to get organised for it, a simple SMS will ensure that everyone is in the know. Although SMS has been proven to be far more effective than print and email, it’s even more effective when using all three. Here are some example templates.

Sports notification

Team draws can be uploaded and SMS notifications scheduled to go out at selected times (e.g. the day before the event) – right from the beginning of a sports season. There is also an RSVP facility that will allow team administrators to see which players will be at the game – ensuring that numbers are confirmed in advance.
Hi #FirstName#, #TeamName# miniball is at #venue# on #day# at #time# this week. Please RSVP

Class trips

Hi #FirstName#, room 5 is going to MOTAT on #date# please see the news sheet coming home tonight for important information.

Sports days

Hi #FirstName#, reminder that today is sports day. Parents are welcome to watch. Please ensure your child has correct clothing and a water bottle.

Themed days

Hi #FirstName#, reminder that as part of our daffodil day celebrations the children are dressing up today; gold coin donation please.

Teacher only days

Hi #FirstName#, reminder that there is no school on Monday due to it being a teacher-only day.


Hi #FirstName#, miniball practice has been cancelled this morning due to bad weather.

Assistance requests

The act of getting a piece of paper into a child’s school bag and actually in front of a parent at the right time is a miracle in itself, but then asking parents to find, fill in and return assistance requests is just too much!

Parent help

Hi #FirstName#, please reply yes if you can provide parent help for the class trip on #date# at #time#. Thank you!

Working bee

Hi #FirstName#, Sunday is our spring working bee, please reply with the start and finish time that you can attend. Thank you!

Parent-Teacher Conferences

By simply uploading an excel spreadsheet (that you have compiled or exported from your booking software) it’s easy to schedule interviews and send a bulk reminder to go out to parents – with the times and dates that they have been booked in for.
Hi #FirstName#, you are booked in for an interview with #TeacherName# about #ChildName# on #date# at #time#.

Expressions of interest

This is a good way to ensure that everyone knows what school activities/sports events are going on.
Hi #FirstName#, #ChildName# has indicated that they would like to play rugby this year. Please reply yes if attending trials on #date# at #time#.

Fees and collections

School fees and subs are a hassle to chase up; using Texta you can easily communicate which fees are due and then follow up/request payment from those families that haven’t paid.


Hi #FirstName#, subs for the school camp are #amount# and are due on #date#. Please pay by internet banking xx-xxxx-xxxxxx-xx or call to discuss.

Follow up

Hi #FirstName#, your school activity fees are overdue. Please pay immediately or contact us to discuss.

Library Books

Remind parents that library books are overdue so that they can search their children’s rooms!
Hi #FirstName#, #ChildName# has #LibraryBookName# overdue. Please return it to the school library ASAP.

Opinion Polls

It’s easy to co-ordinate and collate responses to and from groups using Texta.
Hi #FirstName#, reply yes if you support our school introducing a school uniform or no if you do not.

Fundraising Drives

The success of fundraising initiatives are dependent on people knowing that they’re going to happen and being prepared.
Hi #FirstName#, sushi fundraiser at school tomorrow, remember to bring your $5.00

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