Is your bulk SMS marketing campaign working? Is it achieving your marketing objectives? Is it increasing your customer base? Is it allowing you to achieve your sales target? Are you seeing more business?

You may make an educated guess. Maybe you can use the number of people in your shop as a barometer. But even if you see brisker business post campaign launch, how do you know that you can ascribe this to your text message marketing and not to your other marketing efforts?

The only way to know for sure is to test and measure your metrics. Testing is important because you not only confirm whether or not your opt in subscribers are responding positively to your text marketing messages, it also allows you to fine tune your messages, including your special deals and offers that make up your marketing campaigns.

Here are the 3 things you need to test to get better results from your campaign

1.     Are you targeting the right subscribers?

In the beginning stages of your text marketing campaign, it’s perfectly fine to bulk send the same SMS marketing message. However, you’ll soon notice patterns of customer response—there will be some messages that a certain profile of subscribers will actively respond to.

It may be worthwhile to send test SMS messages to find out how you can effectively segment your subscribers. This makes your SMS campaign both targeted and more cost-efficient.

2.     Are you using the right copy?

How you deliver your message is everything. You may be giving out freebies, but if you don’t use the most appropriate copy, your subscribers may not respond to your text as you expect them.

Send out test messages to see if you’re using the right copy. Also check if you’re using the appropriate message length. While a standard text is 160-characters long, most phones today are able to receive more. See if your subscribers prefer more detail in your texts, or if they prefer short and straightforward text messages.

3.     Are you catching your subscribers at the right time?

The general rule is to send text messages during normal office hours. But check if all of your subscribers prefer to receive SMS during these times. Not all subscribers are the same—and not all businesses operate during the same hours.

Perhaps you’re a take-away food joint or that operate until the wee hours in the morning, or even 24 hours. You may discover that you have customers who may not mind or even prefer receiving text vouchers or special deals after business hours.