If your company is still using traditional marketing strategies such as print media ads and radio ads and the results are not adding up, then perhaps it is time to explore a newer type of marketing – SMS Marketing. This type of marketing has been growing in popularity and rightfully so, as the use of mobile devices has literally exploded in the past couple of years.

Deciding to join the wonderful world of SMS marketing is no doubt a good decision for your bottom line. However, merely sending out bulk welcome SMS messages or any other SMS messages for that matter will not give you the results that you desire; instead you will need to find ways to supercharge your SMS marketing campaign message in order to achieve optimal results. Here are some great tips that you can use to get the best results.

1.   Opt-In before Sending Out

Before you even think about embarking on a wholesale SMS marketing campaign make sure that you have the consent of your customers to send them promotional text messages. Sending customers unsolicited messages is illegal and put you in trouble with the law. It will also make your customers annoyed with you for sending them promotional messages that they never signed up for. Feel free to use any means available that will make your customers sign up to receive your messages. This can include the use of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, traditional business cards advertisements.

2.   Choose the Right Time to Send

Research has shown that SMS messages are opened and read faster than emails. This means that when you send your message is of great importance as you want to choose a time when the customer is most likely to act on your message. For example sending a message on a Monday morning to a target audience of busy professionally might not yield positive results as Mondays for most professionals is filled with meetings and preparation activities for the week ahead. You must therefore study your company’s customers to find the time when they are most likely to act on your message which will result in increased sales.

3.   Text One Promotion at a Time

Cramming more than one promotion into a single message is ineffective and can confuse your customers. Similarly your customers can become confused or overwhelmed if you send them multiple SMS messages with different promotions. Do not do this. Instead focus on one promotion at a time. If you are currently running multiple promotions at the same time and want your customers to be aware of them, just add a link to your website in your SMS message so that they can view your promotions in more detail. 

Supercharging your next SMS campaign need not be so scary once you make the most of the tips outlined above. Remember than SMS marketing is an exceptional way to get your company’s name out there to an even bigger audience than traditional types of advertising. Use these tips for your next set of text message marketing ideas and watch your ROI grow.