If you think that SMS marketing is not for you, then you are passing up the opportunity to communicate with potential customers in an instantaneous way.  Unlike email marketing, you do not have to guess how people will respond to SMS messages, because many people will respond to a text message within one hour of receiving it.  When there is a really big response to a campaign, then it is a pretty good guess that you are on the right track.

Perhaps you already have an SMS campaign in place and you regularly use SMS bulk messaging.  How can you improve your campaign?  Here are 4 easy ways:

1.       Always include a call to action.  Tell people what you want them to do.  Example – “hit reply to take advantage of our offer of an additional 25% off the sale price, or no to stop all further messages”.  You will know soon enough what people want to do with your messages.  Don’t make it impossible to subscribe, or people may become frustrated with your company.  Word of mouth travels fast, don’t make that mistake.

2.       Offer a contest entry or a one day only promotion.  These kinds of offers can encourage customers to come into your establishment on the days when business is the slowest.  This can really be the boost that your business needs and can provide an edge that your competitors do not have.  The sooner you get your SMS campaign up and running, the better.

3.       Provide valuable information to your customers and always stick to the amount of emails that you told your customers that you were going to send from the beginning of your campaign.  Never send SMS short code text messages without an opt-in response from the customer.  Sending unsolicited messages is illegal and you can get into a lot of trouble for doing so.

There is always the option to hire a company that takes care of your SMS marketing needs for you.  The first step would be to read text message marketing company reviews to determine where you will get the best deal for your dollar.  An SMS company should be able to provide you with a list of services that they will provide and they should be willing to work with you throughout your campaign to make changes as you see fit.  The company should offer several different types of plans that fit with your business or your current needs.