It does not really matter whether you are running a for-profit business or an non-profit organisation, in any case it’s only natural for you to try and reach out to as many people as you can. Be it for improving your sales figures, or for spreading awareness, marketing is an integral aspect of your business that you always want to work on constantly for achieving higher milestones. And when it comes to marketing in today’s world, you most certainly cannot afford to overlook the significance of SMS marketing.

Below, we are four of the most prominent advantages that sms marketing offers for reaching out to your existing and potential customer bases.

Promotional advertisements

When you use bulk mobile messaging in conjunction with a coupon code, it makes great promotional offers to customers. Such a tactic is best suited for advertising new products or services. Advertising with bulk SMS can be very cost effective compared to some direct mail services, which may cost you as high as a $1 (or more) per send.

Performance evaluation

Text message marketing also enables you to monitor and evaluate the performance and scopes of your marketing efforts. All you need to do is place a text-to-action button on your newspaper, TV, radio or direct mail ads, and within days you will know which marketing efforts are yielding the desired result and which are not.

Target-specific advertising

SMS marketing is, by default, a targeted medium — you can direct your campaigns based on the likes and dislikes of your customer base. By making your campaigns focused, a narrowed down group of customers allow you to produce a much higher response rate. In addition, you also enable yourself to produce lists that can generate immediate results when you send a market to them.

Service query or request

Another great use of text marketing, that few other forms of marketing can deliver, is service requests or queries. With text messaging, you can easily configure your services to direct feedback or requests from customers. This not only enhances customer satisfaction, but also helps you increase your credibility long-term.