The marketing world now has an exciting and new frontier with which to explore – a mobile audience. Using mobile marketing is a great way to reach the right person at the best time with the perfect offer message. Today people do just about everything with their phones stay in touch with friends and family, entertainment and even business. Therefore it makes sense that marketers will take advantage of this marketing medium. This being said here are 5 great ways to put your text messaging marketing ideas into action for great results.

1.   Vouchers and Coupons

One of the easiest ways to get started with SMS marketing is to send SNS vouchers and coupons. You can even start by sending your loyal customers a coupon or voucher that will entitle them to a gift or discount the next time that they purchase something from you. Doing this will certainly increase your sales.

2.   Appointment Reminders, Alerts and Updates

SMS messages are great for service related industries as you can easily use your SMS marketing campaigns to provide customers with alerts, send them promotional updates and appointment reminders. In fact businesses such as dentists and mechanics can use a text marketing provider to send SMS messages to customers with appointment reminders or reminding them that their car is due for its regularly scheduled maintenance.

3.   SMS Polling and Voting

This has slowly been gaining popularity and is certainly nothing new. A prime example of this is the American Idol where people are given a number to call in and vote for their favorite contestant. SNS polling and voting is a great way to get your customers to engage and participate with your business or brand.

4.   SMS Payments

These days’ people are incredibly busy. Either they are traveling a lot, working well over 8 hours a day or working on a million projects at once. Because of our increasingly busy lives we become more forgetful an increasingly misplace important items, SMS payments therefore make it fast and easy for customers to make bill payments and (for the environmentally conscious) saves paper. Business can now send payment reminders to customers and to get a reply from the customer with the payment via SMS of course.

5.   SMS Auctions

Believe it or not SMS marketing can be used to facilitate an auction via marketers sending out a wholesale sms message. This can be designed in any way that you wish or that suits your business. Therefore you can have your customers bid on such items as electronics, furniture, appliances and more. Feel free to be as creative as possible.


Do not feel that the above 5 ways to use SMS are the only things that can be done with mobile marking campaigns. It is; however, a great start and will certainly yield some great results. The possibilities with SMS marketing are – endless.