In our modern world SMS marketing is about to take off – and in a big way. In fact one can actually say that it has already taken off given its current popularity and frequency of use. SMS marketing can easily be classified as one of the biggest aspects of marketing in our modern world. If you want your SMS bulk messaging service to be highly effective type here are 6 sure-fire tips that you can use.

1.   Forget Cute – Embrace Practical

Chances are that your target market is adults with expendable cash and not teenagers. Therefore sending an SMS message that looks like it came from Justin Bieber will only result in lost customers and your company looking like a joke. Unless your target market is teenagers, do not overuse (or use for that matter) abbreviations and cute sounding, teenage-type language.  

2.   Choose One Message and Stick with It

It is a fact that companies typically have more than one promotional campaigns running at any given time. Therefore it is completely understandable that a business owner would try to cram as many promotions into a single message as possible. However, doing this isn’t in your best interest and will only serve to confuse your customers.

3.   One Campaign Only

When using SMS Marketing to promote your brand make sure that you do not flood your customers with bulk text messaging marketing promotions with different campaigns as this will only confuse them. Stick to one campaign at a time.

4.   Use Short Sentences

Just as important as it is to stick to one message and one campaign, it is also equally important that your SMS marketing campaigns be kept short and to the point. Remember that each message is around 160 characters in length so you have very little time to get it right.

5.   Sentence Case

Writing case sensitive sentences is extremely important. Treat the use of CAPITALIZATION as with emails. Remember that he overuse of ALL CAPS comes across as shouting and generally being rude; therefore overusing them in your New Zealand bulk SMS message is a “turn off” to your customers. Instead use them sparingly and only to highlight something important such as a “SALE” or “DISCOUNT”.

6.   Timing Is Everything

It is highly likely that an SMS message that is sent to your customers will be answered instantly – unless of course they are sleeping or otherwise engaged. This makes SMS marketing the choice of many companies over emails as SMS messages are read faster. Therefore when using SMS messaging as a way to promote your brand or products make sure to send them at a time when the customer is most likely to act. Research your target market to determine the best time to send such messages.

SMS marketing is an important aspect of any marketing strategy, thus you must use it to your advantage by: timing it right, using the right language and keeping the message clear and concise.