You’ve likely heard the buzz that SMS marketing is creating by now.  Yes, it really can be that effective.  Below are 8 reasons to consider adding it to your marketing efforts right away…

1)      Cost efficiency.  SMS marketing is really cheap compared to many of the alternatives out there.  Combine this with its effectiveness and you can see why it has become so popular.

2)      Delivery rate.  While marketing via email or other methods can be a difficult prospect at times, given the low delivery rates when it comes to how many prospects actually view your material, bulk text marketing has no such problem.  Almost every text message sent is read, and this leads directly to the next reason to use SMS.

3)      Conversion rate.  With high delivery rates comes high conversion –with more people viewing your messages, the likelihood of them following up on your call to action is bound to rise as a result.  Given the high rate with which SMS texts are read, the rationale for using this approach as part of your marketing efforts is strong indeed.

4)      Segmented message functionality.  SMS messages can easily be segmented to target your preferred demographic.  You can send texts to specially chosen individuals, or you can blast them out to your whole list if you choose.

5)      Rapid delivery.  In addition to high open rates, SMS has the advantage of getting your message to consumers quickly and accurately.  It generally takes only a few seconds to disseminate your message via text, and it lends immediacy to your messages that can be lacking in other forms of marketing.

6)      A growing market.  With the use of mobile devices expanding at a rapid pace, being able to tap this growing market is imperative.  Unlike traditional media advertising mediums such as newspapers or television, which have seen declining usage, the mobile space continues to expand.

7)      Avoids gatekeepers.  With SMS there are no email spam filters or television commercial zappers to deal with.  Your texts are delivered directly to your customers and prospects with no delay.

8)      Easy sign-up/opt-out.  Using short codes, you can provide a means for consumers to easily opt in or out of your SMS marketing campaigns.  At the same time, you can use multiple keywords to more effectively segment and target your lists of prospects by the products they are most interested in.  Using a welcome SMS template you can greet those who opt-in to your service immediately, letting them know some of the opportunities that will be coming your way.