There are great benefits to using SMS marketing software that you’ve probably considered, and some you might not have. Remember, text message marketing is a lot different from standard email marketing—people can get fussy about what comes to their email inbox, but they can be downright persnickety in their intolerance for SMS marketing tactics. Using a software program helps eliminate the potentially embarrassing mistakes of taking the manual texting approach.

First of all, there’s no dexterity involved in running software. Let’s face it, not everyone was born with the innate ability to communicate via hand-held device. There are still people out there struggling to play catch-up with the necessary typing skills for standard email communication, never mind texting. If you’re one of them, you probably tremble with fear when you consider having to adopt cell phone texting skills. But there’s good news about that.

SMS marketing programs don’t require you to learn to operate a cell phone ten-key like a computer keyboard, and messages don’t have to be created on an actual mobile device. SMS marketing software is accessed solely by computer. Depending on the type of program you purchase or the services you hire from a third party company, there might not even be any actual software to install.

By using SMS software, you also get access to support services that you’d otherwise be doing without if you were to take the “flying solo” manual approach. Marketing via text is a delicate issue. Don’t skimp on programs or services that will save you from making potentially damaging mistakes.