You’ve probably already heard plenty about the need to engage your customers through mobile SMS marketing. Forget hitting them up with static advertisements for your place of business or your goods and services – you want to use exciting, even thought provoking methods of keeping their interest. You want them to look forward to your SMS messages. And, of course, you want their business. Have you run out of ideas on how to do that? Here’s another.

Hold a survey. In case you haven’t noticed, people love to express their opinions. Even more than that, they love it when their opinions are actually heard – and not by just one person, but by many. If the payoff is finding out that the ideas they put forth were actually implemented, all the better. This is a great, creative way of engaging your customers in conversation via mobile SMS marketing.

There are programs that offer SMS survey software that can be easily integrated into your marketing plan. But don’t just hold a survey for the sake of holding a survey. If you’re thinking of firing off a mobile SMS marketing survey asking recipients to vote on their favorite “Dexter” villain, you’re squandering a great opportunity. You’ve got your audience’s ear, now it’s time to give them yours and see how you’re doing, how you’ve improved, and how you could be doing better.

The trick here is to encourage future participation by letting your customers know what changes were made as a result of the survey, so they’ll be excited about giving you their opinion again in the future.