If you’re of a mind that mobile marketing campaigns aren’t as important as traditional email marketing and direct marketing methods, you’d do well to pay attention to what some of the titans of industry are doing in the area of mobile. According to a recent report, Ford (as in the motor company) is introducing plans to manufacture cars that are tied in with smartphone technology. If this isn’t indication that you should take a closer look at how you can use mobile marketing software to your own benefit, perhaps nothing is.

Ford’s plans, which will start with its 2012 line in a number of vehicles and will be available as an added option, are to integrate smartphone applications with the vehicles. With an approach this creative, it begs the question: if a car manufacturer is integrating smart phone technology into their designs, then what are you waiting for?

Mobile marketing software is available that can help your company realize a literal new frontier in customer engagement. Those with a predisposition to hold out for the hype over mobile apps to die down should consider one very important thing. And that’s whether or not “holding out” will ultimately result in their having to play a game of catch-up while everyone else is off raking in the conversions from mobile marketing campaigns. It’s certainly something to think about.