After importing contacts into a list, each list is put through a set of processes to ensure the list is clean and good for use in a campaign. The following is a breakdown of the individual processes the list is put through.

List Cleaning

Post import, every list goes through Texta’s built in cleaning process which is the second generation of the Predictive Bounce back Handler you may have encountered in our Texta Product. During this process Texta will automatically delete any blank records and flag duplicate mobile numbers for you to review.

Texta will do it’s best to check that you have entered a valid mobile number. Your mobile numbers should be in the 021, 027 format. Internationally prefixed numbers 6421??? will also work.

Duplicate Checking

When importing records, Texta will check for duplicates using the mobile numbers as the unique identifier.

If duplicates are found the list is automatically locked down with a red flag until you manually decide what you wish to do with the duplicate records.

You can process duplicate records in one of two ways.

You can either tell Texta to keep only one instance of the record and delete all others with no bias toward any one occurrence of the record.


You can merge the duplicate records based on certain criterion being met.

When merging duplicate records you will be asked to select one of the instances of the duplicate records to be a master. All other instances of the duplicate record are then merged into the master.