Sending a message to confirm that user has successfully opted out

Texta provides just the smartest, easy to use auto responders feature anywhere. You will be amazed and wonder, … why hasn’t anyone else thought of this?

If you wish to send a confirmation SMS to users that opt out of your campaigns then

From the messages Tab

  • Click the ‘Create new SMS campaign’ button
  • Give your message a name – ‘Opt Out message’ sounds good.
  • Skip the Select Recipients’ step by clicking on the ‘3. Campaign Type’ header
  • Click ‘Build Campaign’ under the Broadcast SMS option
  • Type your opt out message. Remember to use smart tags to personalise your message
  • Click on ‘Save and continue to next step’ button

Do not click the ‘Schedule Campaign’ but Exit the Create a SMS message screen by clicking on the ‘Automation Tab

From the Auomation Tab

  • Click the ‘Create a new Auto Responder’ button
  • Give you Auto Responder a name. Something clever like ‘Opt Out Auto Responder’
  • From the ‘Select an event trigger’ drop down menu select Un-Subscribes option (Opt Out and Unsubscribes are the same thing)
  • Check the box next to the mailing list that the Opt Outs will come from OR you can select to send the message to anyone that Opts Out of ANY of your lists.
  • Skip the matches the following additional conditions – Advanced feature.
  • From the ‘then send SMS based on’ drop down menu select the message you created in the above step. In this case ‘Opt Out message’ campaign

Congratulation! Autoresponder has now been created and all those Opting Out of your campaigns will receive your Sorry your leaving SMS

One more thing. A copy of your Message, i.e. in this example ‘Opt Out message’ is placed into the SMS Templates folder – found on the Message Tab. It is this copy that will be used by the Auto Responder.