Using RSS feeds inside Texta is a great way to run RSS to email campaigns and send out blog updates to your subscriber base. Here’s how easy it is to set it up in Texta.

  • Go to the Assets Tab
  • Click on the “Create New RSS Feed” button
  • Give your feed a name (e.g. My Blog Feed)
  • Cut and paste your feed URL (excluding the http://)
  • Specify the number of items to pull
  • Specify if this feed is active or inactive
  • Click on the continue button
Defining the appearance of feed content inside the email
You need to specify how the feed content appears inside the email when its dynamically pulled. There are two options. You can either show the feed items
  • as headlines only or
  • headlines with the description element.
On the next screen you will be given the choice of picking a style and layout for your feed. Make a selection and click on the create button.