Tradeshows are only as successful as the number of people you get to attend them. You can book the hottest trendsetting businesses in your industry, but if you can’t people in the door, what’s the point? In addition to traditional direct mail marketing and Internet advertising, design a mobile campaign to encourage instant sign-ups and send date reminders to all attendees.

You can also use text messages to coordinate with employees, vendors, presenters and special guests. Tradeshows can be tricky and demanding to run. Even if you have a small team of people helping you complete all the small details, being able to instantly communicate with everyone involved makes this task a little easier.

Sign Up Today!

In addition to sending an email sign-up form for your upcoming tradeshow, send bulk text messages that encourage people to sign-up on the spot. Include the name of the show, dates and times, location and website address. Include a sign-up link that people can click through to the form. The key is to get people to sign up now – not tomorrow, the next day or the day before the tradeshow.

Just a Friendly Reminder

Send reminders to all people who sign up two or three days before the tradeshow so people can update their calendars or set up alerts on their mobile phones. Reminders should include the name of the tradeshow, dates and times and location details.

Coordinate with Others

Using a text message service, you can easily coordinate the details necessary for putting the tradeshow together. Stay in contact with event planners, hospitality staff, vendors, volunteers and all the people you rely on to handle tradeshow operation details.

Since plans can change in an instant, you can now send vital information to vendors and others so the tradeshow set-up goes smoothly. For example, if those in charge of setting up booths, tables and stages are running late and need more time, you can send a message to vendors announcing changes to set-up times. This way, vendors aren’t inconvenienced by having to wait.

Ask for Feedback

After the tradeshow, send a follow-up message to tradeshow attendees, vendors and volunteers to see where changes can be made or which components went well. Create a short survey to send via email or to post on the website. Send a message encouraging people to complete the survey – include the web address or let them know when the survey will be sent to their email address.