SMS marketing is unique in its capability to reach a wide base of consumers with little technological barriers for minimum cost. To that extent, text message marketing is still one of the best business marketing strategies today.

Companies and businesses that can nail down their text messaging marketing strategy can open many doors for greater opportunities. Here are some ideas to get started with text messaging marketing:

1. Customize SMS for Your Audience

Identify your consumer base and customize your SMS marketing accordingly. This includes being aware of cultural norms, customs, even character limit per message (typically around 160 but may vary from country to country).

Knowing a region’s short code can also help ensure your messages get to where they’re supposed to be going. For example, if you are sending SMS to a target group in New Zealand, identify the proper short code for the specific region(s) you’re targeting. Part and parcel of every successful marketing strategy is spending time to know their consumer so they can be better served.

2. Use SMS to Complement Other Media and Platforms

While SMS is a great marketing tool, small to medium businesses should not ignore mobile apps or other media altogether. Instead, use SMS to complement traditional media like coupons or printed signs. For example, printed signs can encourage consumers to text in keywords like “sms nz” for redeemable rewards. SMS can also be used as alerts to promote the launch of a new mobile app or as a smartphone feature service.

3. Build Both Consumer Loyalty and Database with SMS

Phase out clipboards and attendance sheets used to gather data at event. Use SMS instead to build a consumer database. Getting consumers’ information can be as easy as putting up a text-to-vote contest or text-a-message activity for the crowd.

Instead of a fish bowl for business cards, create a mobile loyalty club for potential customers. Offer discounts or freebies on their next visit when they text in. By having visitors use SMS, you will get a valid mobile number to build a consumer database while minimizing mistakes from written email addresses or mobile digits.

It’s one thing to say that there are great opportunities in text message marketing, and another to come up with a sound, workable plan. Start your text message marketing with these ideas and begin building a mobile relationship with consumers for the long term.

All things equal, SMS is a more effective way to generate an initial burst of activity for a business than counting on an app store or mobile searches to create traffic.