Following up on customers that haven’t made an appointment to see you or purchased a product from your website in a while can prompt additional sales – as long as you approach people correctly. Use a text message service to send short reminders to those who haven’t visited your business location or website for at least three months. Offer a discount or just send a friendly greeting to let these customers know that you miss their business.

Hi, It’s Me!

When sending a follow-up message to a customer that hasn’t made a purchase from you in a while, always include your business name, website, or phone number. Keep your message brief, but add something that will entice them to visit your business or website. Mention the latest sale or special deal, include a coupon, or ask them to enter a contest you’re hosting.

Striking that balance between reconnecting and bothering a customer isn’t always easy. If you don’t receive a response after the first message, send one more and then leave the customer alone.

Reorder Reminder

If the customer purchased an item that requires periodic reordering, send a reminder message around the time they need to place another order. This is a great way to provide customer service while reminding the customer of your business. Include business information along with product information so the customer knows why you’re sending the message.

New Sale Promotion

Send those who haven’t made a purchase in a while details about an upcoming sale. Most people, unless prompted by an advertisement or special incentive like a coupon or other discount, won’t visit a store or website without a reason. Use SMS notifications like you would any other form of advertising to remind people that your business still exists.

Holiday Greetings

Another way to remind people of your business is during the holidays. Send a short greeting wishing people a happy holiday along with business contact information. This is an unassuming way to market your goods and services to those who haven’t purchased from you in a long time.

The Reality

Some customers just aren’t coming back, no matter how many text message you send. Keep a list of those you send reminder messages to and remove them from your list after two or three attempts to reestablish a business relationship. Move on to those customers you hear from on a regular basis.