Generally speaking, location is what draws many people to choose their drycleaners.  If you are looking to bring more business in your door it is crucial to set your operation apart from your competitors and to motivate potential customers to drive an extra block or two (or more) to visit you.  Using SMS marketing is one of the most effective methods to do this.  Below are some tips for using text marketing tactics to increase traffic at your drycleaning business.

Offer Directions

Consumers increasingly use their mobile phones to find locations when they are out shopping.  By adding a “find us” function to your mobile site you can draw traffic from customers who might not visit otherwise.  This can also help distinguish you from your competitors who don’t provide such a service.

Use special offers to build your list

Offer customers who shop with you the chance to get a discount or other special bonus if they sign up for your SMS marketing list.  This will also serve the purpose of helping increase customer loyalty, as your customers are likely to stick with you if your service is good and they can get an occasional special deal. 

Offer Personalized Greetings

Adding the personal touch to your messages gives them an added appeal.  Send out texts thanking customers after they have done a certain amount of business with you, as well as on special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Provide Volume Discounts

Track customer purchases and let them know via text message when they have accumulated enough points to receive a special bonus of some sort, whether free dry cleaning for an item or two, or some other service.  This also has the effect of driving customer loyalty, as customers are likely to continue patronizing your establishment if they have accumulated points towards claiming their bonus.  Check with your SMS vendor to see how customizable you can make such programs.

Engage an SMS Specialist Firm

When it comes to planning and implementing an SMS plan, outsourcing the bulk of the duties to a specialist firm may be the way to go.  This frees up your time from having to write and send texts, and allows you to focus on what you do best, running your business.  If your telecom New Zealand SMS gateway allows it, find a firm that can import acquired lists into your outreach effort, increasing the amount of potential customers you can text.