How to SMS Market Without Annoying Your Customers

With SMS marketing spreading its wings virtually all over the world, we are seeing more and more businesses keen on exploring what SMS can offer. 

Be mindful though — an inadequately planned text marketing campaign not only severely limits itself in terms of success, but may also be considered invasive and annoying by its recipients.

Therefore, utmost care should be taken while formulating a text messaging campaign, and even more when you’re executing it.

As per the recent Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index published by the experts at AIMIA, consumers within the country have increasingly become more and more proactive as well as responsive when dealing with SMS marketing. 

Apparently, the survey results claimed that approximately 57 percent of all mobile users opted to receive text messages — which is a staggering 8 percent increase where the figure stood just a year back. The trend is not confined to only Australia either — it’s a worldwide phenomenon. 

But does that mean, the time has finally arrived when you can flood your target customers’ inboxes with promotional messages? Certainly not! Those who think and act in that line eventually end up damaging their own credibility, as well as coming under the wrath of regulatory bodies.

If you are currently a newbie in the world of text message marketing, remember that its permission based, first and foremost, so it’s vital that you check the local laws and regulations meant for SMS marketers before launching your campaign. The strategy to avoid serious legal consequences, however, is more or less the same pretty much everywhere. For example:

1) Your recipients must give their consent before you can send them any promotional bulk sms messages.

2) There should be an easy and convenient way for the recipients to identify who the sender is.

3) The recipient must be offered a simple and easy-to-implement mechanism to opt out from your sms marketing campaigns anytime they want.

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