With the global spend on SMS promotions and overall SMS marketing increasing at a rapid rate, it’s good to take stock of why this is happening. Let’s take a look at two ways through which SMS marketing can help change the way you do business.

For one, SMS marketing cuts costs. It’s a far cheaper option than using mainstream media channels to get a short message across. Instead of having to call a customer or email him or her, you could simply text them your message which has a high chance of being read immediately. You can also keep them informed of any delays or update them on the status of a delivery or appointment. For instance, if you are a restaurant owner you could text someone who has dinner reservations in case their table isn’t ready yet. If you are delivering a product to a customer, then you can also use SMS as a tool to update them on where it is and how long it will take to reach them, reducing call time once again and making your customers less irritable in case there is a delay. You could send them an email, but chances are it won’t be read as fast.

The second key benefit of using SMS as a communication tool is that it actually helps you retain customers. As we mentioned above, with the delivery status updates, it’s an effective and powerful customer service tool as well. While we have traditionally used SMS to communicate timely marketing messages, we often forget that SMS is a two-way street and allows for an actual response or feedback from your recipient. This means you can have a real dialogue with your audiences who may be able to point out issues, give suggestions or ask for help etc. This will enable you to use this information to offer a better product or service in future. It’s also a great way to let them have their say and in turn be grateful to you for offering them the opportunity to do so. As a result, it will also make them more receptive to your SMS promotional messages in future.

Take these benefits into consideration the next time you want to expand your marketing channels for more effective results.

To get started with this we recommend talking to your website developer or IT team about how you can use the Texta APIs to integrate with your systems.