The key to sending successful mass text messages is to keep them short and sweet. Since you only have between 140 and 160 characters, you need to learn how to convey important information about your business in the most precise way possible. But with a little creativity and understanding of how people receive and read SMS messages, you can build a long-lasting campaign that could be very profitable.

Include Only the Most Important Information

Mobile campaigns should include the most important information about your goods and services. For example, if promoting a new product, announce the product and include your email address or business phone number if subscribers need to call to place an order.

If announcing a contest or giveaway, state the reason and deadline (ie: Product Giveaway for first 100 callers – (business phone number) – ends tonight at Midnight). The goal is to compel people to participate, subscribe, make a purchase or visit your website for more information.

If using SMS notifications to remind customers or clients of an upcoming appointment or to payment reminders, keep the information concise by including the date and time of the appointment and your business phone number. Remind customers that payment is due within the next few days, week or immediately.

Entice Subscribers

Entice subscribers to open your text message by including the words FREE, NEW, BUY NOW, or IMPORTANT REMINDER in the beginning of the message. Some people rely solely on text messages for communication purposes while others only check their mobile every once in a while. Using these words will get more people to read the message.

Text Etiquette

When sending text messages to customers, subscribers and clients, there are a few rules that you need to follow to get the best responses:

  • Do not abbreviate words to save space – this looks unprofessional and subscribers may not think the message is from you.
  • Do not over send – gauge how often to send messages (if you receive complaints or an increase in opt-out requests, you may be sending too many messages per day).
  • Do not send messages late at night – even though most people have their phones turned on at nighttime, don’t send marketing messages after 8pm as most people view this is their personal time.
  • Never use obscene language to grab the attention of subscribers.

Always review bulk SMS before sending to make sure you provide all pertinent information in a professional way.