What is the narrowcasting?

Do you think that big is always better? If you do, then check out the concept of ‘narrowcasting’, the latest trend in the world of marketing. As a supporter of big, you would know what broadcasting is. Narrowcasting is just the opposite of it. Instead of reaching a wide audience through any marketing medium, ‘narrowcasting’ focuses on a narrow audience as regards the dissemination of information. If you are a business owner utilizing targeted media messages to attract customers from a particular segment, then you are narrowcasting.

Types of narrowcasting

One of the types of narrowcasting is ‘commercial’ in which marketers are mostly interested in utilizing narrowcast media as a tool for commercial advertising. Only those audience are targeted whose demographics match what’s desired. On the other hand, ‘Internet’ narrowcasting allows people to view the content only after logging in. It is different from the broadcasting Internet usage in the sense that there is a wide audience that views content on the Web and regular sites are letting their content reach this wide audience or are doing broadcasting. When you select a login for your site, you are restricting it to those who actually have interest and create login to read your content. There is a third type of narrowcasting, which is known as ‘interactive’ narrowcasting. This evolving technique includes customers influencing the displayed content via narrowcasting, as is done through a touch screen.

Effectiveness of narrowcasting

One of the most effective techniques of narrowcasting is text marketing. Now to take up its example, several studies have shown that around 97-98% of SMSs are opened, while around 88% of e-mails sent for marketing purposes go unnoticed or deleted, 84% of news feed pieces on Facebook are ignored, and more than 70% of tweets are not viewed. If you are a marketing professional, you might get surprised by these numbers and would want to try narrowcasting as your next marketing strategy.

Furthering this fact, you would find more mobile phone users than social media users. A cell phone is such a common device that people don’t even leave their homes without them. When you try sending text messages on mobile phones, you are sure to get an awesome response. Thus, narrowcasting is a powerful tool to reach selective audiences. There are several SMS gateway providers to support your narrowcasting campaigns. An SMS gateway provider works with various brands to set up marketing campaigns within a very short time. Thus, this emerging paradigm of narrowcasting helps you reach the most desired audiences that offer a better conversion rate and a higher return on investment.