If there’s one thing that holds a lot of companies back from leaping headfirst into developing mobile marketing campaigns, it’s the fear that their efforts will come off irrelevant. Or worse yet, outdated and crude. Nobody wants to throw their hat into the ring only to find out that their efforts have already been one-upped by a much more creative competitor. But mobile marketing statistics tell us an encouraging story about the cell phone users of tomorrow.

The fact that smart phones have come down in price so dramatically that they’re even being offered as “freebies” for people signing contracts with major service providers bodes well for companies with little to no experience in SMS advertising and text marketing. No longer a possession associated with tech-savvy owners, smart phones are now falling into the hands of users with limited experience.

What does this mobile marketing statistic mean for you? Quite simply, it means that if you’re a company of modest advertising means and a simple approach to SMS advertising, you don’t have to worry that your efforts will come off unpolished or crude. With everybody and their great-grandmother taking to the smart phone universe, this just means there’s even more room for your company to try out a few simple yet effective mobile marketing campaigns. Not everyone can launch an earthshattering SMS advertising campaign. And the beauty of it is, not everyone needs to.