Text message marketing can be an effective method of promoting your company’s brand. But in order for a business text messaging campaign to really get off the ground, sometimes it’s smart to give something in return for your customer’s precious digits.

The Introductory Bonus
Consider offering customers who opt for your mobile marketing a high value coupon or discounted services. Let’s face it, mobile marketing is a step beyond email marketing. While few people have constant access to their email, even fewer ever go anywhere without their cell phones—therefore text message marketing ensures that a majority of your customers will read your message within minutes. Asking for a customer’s phone number so that you can include them in your bulk text messaging is asking for their trust. Giving something in return for that will not only show your appreciation, but will also increase your opt in rates.

Offer Better Rewards to Subscribers
There’s nothing wrong with giving a little extra to the individuals who are good enough to sign up for your company’s text message marketing. Giving an introductory freebie or discount works to get customers to opt in, but continuing to offer rewards ensures they stick around. It’s also a useful promotional tool. Friends like to share bargains with their friends, so offering continued rewards is a great way to get the word out about your brand.