Does your pub or restaurant feature musicians, trivia nights or other festive activities? Do you change up the menu often to include regional favorites and new dishes? Do you want to increase the number of people who show up your slow nights? Mobile campaigns can help you increase the number of customers you serve and increase the popularity of your restaurant by simply keeping people informed about what’s going on.

Today’s Announcement…

In addition to asking customers to sign up for your website, encourage them to provide you with their mobile number as well. Send mass text messages to those on your list to promote new drinks or entrées. Regulars will greatly appreciate knowing what to expect when they show up. Build a community around your restaurant or pub by maintaining contact throughout the week.

You can send text messages to announce:

  • New band or solo artist
  • Bartender’s birthdays (special discounts on drinks in celebration)
  • Special event nights (trivia, ladies night, Tuesday specials, etc.)
  • Sporting events
  • Happy hour specials
  • Weekend and late night specials
  • Charity events
  • Promotional events hosted by vendors
  • Local events that you are participating in
  • New hours
  • Holiday closings

As you can see, there are many reasons to send messages to those on your list. Not only will you keep people informed, you will draw bigger crowds during those events.

Fill in the Gaps

As all restaurant and pub owners know some days are just busier than others. Get more people in the door by promoting food or special event on slow nights. Offer discounts on drinks and food, hold a contest or raffle, or just invite a bunch of people to come on down and have a good time – tell them there’s plenty of room for their friends as well. 

Confirm Reservations

In addition to spreading the word about event going on at your restaurant, you can also send reservation confirmations to ensure you always have a full house. If a customer cancels or doesn’t show up, you can send a message to another customer to see if they want the reservation.

If catering a party or large event, use sms notifications to send directions, time and date of the event. Include this as part of your catering package to add value and convenience for those who hire you to cater the event.