The average person spends less than an hour to eat a meal, which is why they want it served quick and easy—which is why bulk text message marketing for the F&B industry makes a lot of sense. It’s a fast and uncomplicated marketing solution to get the word out about your café or restaurant.

Curious how to get started? Here are some quick and easy text message marketing ideas that can get you started on the SMS marketing track…

Incentivize sign ups

Use your existing marketing tools to sign people up. Let your social media page followers or email subscribers know that you’re building an SMS list and there are great deals to follow. Don’t have a social media page or an email list? No worries, use in-store signage until you do.

Make signing up to your SMS marketing list a breeze—give them an incentive immediately, such as a freebie or a discount. Would rather offer a freebie with purchase? Hold a contest instead!

Now what?

Here’s how a simple offer might look. Put this message on your social media, print advertising or instore display: Text FRIES to 37437 & get a voucher for 1 FREE regular fries.

Once your customer texts this in, he or she will receive an auto reply that includes the voucher. An example reply would be: Thanks for signing up to our exclusive SMS deals! Show this message and get your free fries!

Thinking bigger? Here’s another idea: WIN FREE PIZZAS! We’re giving away a pizza for FREE each week for a year. Text PIZZA to 74992 to be one of our lucky weekly winners.

Once you’ve got these initial replies, move onto stage two… 

Increase business: send out limited-time text vouchers

Marketing professionals know that people are more likely to take advantage of special deals when they know that these run for a limited time only. Text your new subscribers your special offer and watch people queue up outside your door.

Example: FREE appetizer when you dine-in for lunch. Valid TODAY only from 11am to 2pm.

Want better sales? Ask them to share the voucher with a friend for further benefits.

Example: Buy a tall coffee and get a biscotti for FREE. SHARE this message with a friend.

Bonus tip: Do you operate a food truck, a pop-up restaurant or a private kitchen? Tell your subscribers where you will be next and when through SMS. It’s a quick and easy way to get the word out!