If you sell goods and services to different niche markets, use text messages to reach these groups quickly and easily. Sell specific products or guide groups to websites, social media pages, blog pages or other online content you create to promote your business. Send alerts, special offers, or create surveys and polls to learn even more about these markets.

Segment Your List

To send targeted text messages to those on your list, break your list up by niche or if marketing to one niche, break your list by age, gender, location, hobbies and interests, or other identifier. Create SMS notifications for each group to advertise products or to promote your website or social media pages.

To gauge the response rate of each group, assign an SMS keyword that is somehow related to that particular niche and post on social media pages, blogs, websites, email messages, and other types of advertising. Ask subscribers to reply by typing in the keyword to determine which types of marketing reaches people most often. Offer a discount or other small incentive to respond. This is an inexpensive marketing tool that can provide a lot of information about which marketing methods attract the most people.

Specialised Offers

Send specialised offers to niche markets to increase sales. It’s easier to sell specific products to smaller groups that are very interested rather than marketing products to everyone on your list and hoping for the best.

Save mass text messages to announce new products, events, or sales. Create personalised messages to niche markets to offer existing products, and other items you know only they would enjoy.

Text Message Alerts

Send alerts to each niche market announcing local events, VIP sales, or other special information only that particular markets will appreciate. This is a great way to market a local business or service. For example, if you run a delivery service, send special offers to those that regularly request specific services such as package delivery or grocery and day-to-day errands.

Surveys and Polls

Send quick surveys or polls to subscribers to learn more about them or just for fun. Maintaining subscriber interest is key to selling products and services online. Post results on your website or social media pages and ask subscribers to post comments and suggestions for future surveys and polls.