If you rely mostly on text messages to remind clients of upcoming appointments, scheduled pick-ups and deliveries, or to promote upcoming events at your place of business, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to promote your website. Sending the occasional text message promoting products you sell online is a great way to tap into your subscriber base – these are people already buying from you, so chances are, they will buy additional products from you online.

Don’t Be Afraid

As long as you don’t abuse the privilege, it’s perfectly fine to send SMS notifications about your website to subscribers. Even if you’re not currently holding an online sale, you can let people know when new products arrive, inform about low inventory, and make product suggestions and recommendations. Most subscribers expect these types of messages every once-in-a-while, so don’t be afraid to use text as a way to increase online sales.

Ask for Referrals

In addition to promoting your website, you can also ask subscribers to pass along your messages to others. This is a great way to increase business and traffic to your website. Subscribers that are happy with your business will most likely honour your request. Be polite and include your business name and web address.

Increase interaction with subscribers by sending a survey or poll and asking people to forward it on to others.

Links to Specific Pages

When sending links to your website, send links to specific products you want subscribers to see. Send personalized messages that contain links to recommended products or mass text messages promoting a new item. Either way, sending people directly to the product you want them to learn more about will increase sales. Sending people to your website may not have the same effect, especially if your home page isn’t too exciting.


When selling via text message, you need to include ways for subscribers to opt-out of your list. Include instructions on your website or social media page so people can easily remove their names from your list. Make sure you remove names as these requests come in so you don’t make anyone angry if they receive additional messages from you. Even though a subscriber may not want to hear from you anymore, they may still refer your business to others.