Some business owners have the tendency to get stingy with their coupons. It’s understandable, if from a purely monetary perspective. You can’t afford to give free stuff away all the time. If you did, you wouldn’t stay in business very long. But, coupons serve a valuable purpose in that they encourage return business and can bring in new customers. If you’re dubious about the value of offering coupons via mobile SMS marketing or if you’ve ever been guilty of policing the use of coupons by your customers, this article is for you.

SMS marketing statistics tell us that business owners see a significant uptick in their business when they offer big savings but even more so when they allow coupons to be forwarded among friends. This can also have a huge impact on your number of SMS marketing list opt-ins as customers who have had good deals forwarded to them by their friends are far more likely to sign up to be notified the next time a discount is offered.

So, don’t be stingy – it just does not pay. What does pay off is to always think through your offers carefully to ensure that a bigger than expected response won’t put you in the poorhouse. Also, remember that absorbing a high coupon redemption rate can have a huge impact on bringing in new customers and spreading the word about your business.