It’s not hard to imagine that an overwhelming proportion of nonprofit organisations out there are heavily reliant on donations. These organisations not only require donations to fund the causes they are working for, but also to keep their basic operations running. However, to collect enough donations to keep a whole organisation running is certainly no walk in the park — the biggest hurdle being the lack of an efficient and highly effective way to reach out to people who are willing to donate. Bulk SMS message can resolve this issue pretty easily though.

Let’s find out how…

No expensive software or hardware is required

One of the biggest advantages bulk SMS messages can bring a non-profit is an easy way to reach a large audience. A suitable bulk mobile messaging can manage these campaigns effectively, and often, no additional software or hardware is required.

High open rates

It’s obvious that bulk SMS messages always manage to bag a higher open rate in comparison to bulk email messages. The primary reason behind this is the fact that everybody carries their mobile phones with them no matter where they go, and whenever the message tone beeps, the person always takes out the phone to check the incoming message. It is much easier to reach out to people via bulk SMS.

Short and to the point

Due to the fact that only 160 or so characters are allowed in each SMS message, text messaging campaigners always look for ways to keep things short and to the point. And surprisingly, most of the time this practice helps to convey the message far more effectively than a lengthy email message or print media campaign does.

You can decide your own campaign size

SMS messaging is pretty flexible when it comes to allowing you to decide the size and other vital specifics of your campaigns. Not all campaigns need to be sent to all the entries in your recipient-database. Sometimes, you need to send specific messages to specific groups of people. With good quality bulk mobile messaging software at your disposal, you can accomplish this pretty easily.