Mobile marketing is essentially any marketing that involves a mobile device. Examples of mobile marketing tools include SMS (short message sending) and MMS (multimedia message sending), push notifications, in-game mobile marketing, QR (quick response) codes, location-based services, and mobile applications (or apps) among others. With the proliferation of smartphones and complex mobile devices, mobile marketing has certainly become sophisticated, complex and effective. However, text message marketing still remains as the mobile marketing tool.

It’s simple.

Like calling, sending and receiving SMS is a basic mobile phone feature—all phones can send out texts. But unless you’re using a smartphone, you may not always be able to receive push notifications, download mobile apps or scan QR codes. There are no extra steps to take to get the message across. It only takes a button (or two, depending on the mobile phone model) to read it.

It’s short but sweet.

There may be a 160-character limit, but when done right, your SMS can pack a punch. This is a welcome respite for your subscribers, who, by market research guestimates, receive as much as 20,000 marketing messages on any given day (no wonder people have become immune to ads!). Your subscribers are likely to live very busy lives—so saving their time by keeping it short but sweet is a big plus.

It’s direct.

Messages are sent directly to their phones—and research has shown that about 90% of mobile phone users read SMS within 3 minutes of receiving them. This means that the text marketing platform is the best way to influence your customers to take advantage of limited-time promotions because you know that your marketing message will be read right away.

It’s personal.

Text message marketing services can be customized and personalized, unlike in-game mobile marketing or mobile apps, which are geared for the mass market. This is important because your subscribers are likely to read messages that they know are meant for them, than some generic message meant for everyone else.

It’s shareable.

Word of mouth is a very effective and credible form of promotion. Any tool that allows some form of word of mouth promotion is a big advantage. This is exactly what your subscribers can do with your texts—they can forward them to their friends.

Want more people to participate in a promotional discount? Send your subscribers a text voucher and ask them to forward to friends!