One of the industries that has been extremely successful with text message marketing is the restaurant industry.  If you are a restaurateur and have not yet taken advantage of this powerful marketing method, then you may need to get in touch with a text marketing provider company that can help you with an effective campaign.

Restaurants are the perfect business for text message marketing, because of the nature of their business.  Menu items can be rotated on a daily basis, and specials can be assigned to certain days of the week, especially if some of those days are slower than others.  Bad weather days can also be a great opportunity to get patrons in to your establishment.  When you have a text subscriber list, you have the power to fill every seat in your restaurant by using exciting promotions.

A restaurant could send out reminders to their regular clientele to have them come back to the restaurant for a meal.  SMS reminders examples include simple texts like “Monday is free entrée day” or “Tuesday is 25 cent wing day”.  If people are thinking about what to do for lunch or after work for dinner, they might be easily persuaded to spend their meal time and money at your establishment after receiving a simple text.

Some excellent ways to build your text subscriber list are to:

·         Place a QR code at the cash register so that when patrons pay for their meal they are prompted to scan the code into their phone or other device;

·         Include a link to your website in the footer of the bill, which offers some kind of discount for the next visit if they sign up to your list;

·         Run contests on a regular basis which invites people to respond and become interactive with your restaurant.

·         Send out “today only” offers that encourage people to change plans and visit your establishment over another;

·         Offer a two for one meal if a customer can refer a couple of friends to your subscriber list.

Promotion of your restaurant can be exciting and simple and all that you need to do is use a good bulk SMS service that knows how to market your restaurant and have the clients flooding in.  This leaves you to do what you do best, and that is running your restaurant in the best way you know how.  A good marketing company will keep in regular touch with you and work with you to create effective and irresistible promotions.