If you’re thinking about getting into text marketing or are just looking for some text message marketing ideas, you’re not alone. SMS marketing is the on the cutting edge of digital marketing, and with these explosion in popularity of mobile devices, you’d be foolish not to incorporate text into your greater marketing campaign.

But where to start? The lack of information on this marketing channel can be an impediment to getting a campaign started, so let us guide you through some of the best practices that the pros use to wage effective SMS marketing campaigns:

1.      Be efficient – Texting is already about efficiency, but remember that you’re trying to get your message across before users delete the message entirely. Use short, compact words and phrases, and write one sentence – tops – before delivering your information. Consider using services like bit.ly or tinyurl to efficiently link to additional information.

2.      Avoid “text-isms” – While your sms marketing platform will catch glaring errors, you’ll have to stop yourself from using “lol” or from using numbers in place of words. Professionalism is key in relating to customers who are used to texts being very personal.

3.      Build trust – Building on the “texting is personal” theme, don’t go all-in with the sales pitches when you first begin a text marketing campaign. If you own a fitness club in New Zealand (search gym text marketing nz for more info), you might send a welcome message to your clients when they first sign up, then regularly check in with appointment times, billing information, and announcements about the club like closures and amended hours. Then, once your base has grown accustomed to using your text service as a trust info source, you can incorporate small text messaging advertisements into your greater campaign. You’ll see far more trust – and better results – by doing things this way.