When you’ve only got 160 characters to work with, sending out marketing text messages can be quite a challenge. Carefully choosing your words to make sure that you send the right message across is the key to SMS marketing success. You want to make an impact with only so many words, so you’ve got to choose the rights ones.

But which ones?

Businessweek ran an article years ago on what words not to use because they’re overused — so much that they’ve become clichés and using them may work against you. These words (i.e. quality, value, service, caring and integrity) may even make you come off as insincere. The article further implies that contrary to the 75 million articles that tackle “magic advertising words”—this according to a Google search, there aren’t, in fact, any.

What this also means is that here aren’t cookie cutter SMS message templates that will automatically make your SMS marketing messages impactful. It doesn’t work that way. After all, if everybody used the same magic words, how would you differentiate yourself from your competition?

So what words or phrases should you use when sending out bulk SMS messages? Which ones do you use so that you create a lot of impact while, at the same time, coming off as sincere and genuine to your customers?

It’s simple — use the language that your customers use!

Remember, marketing is all about communicating a message. If you want your customers to understand this message, don’t you think that speaking their language would be the best way to achieve just that? The biggest and best phrases to use for maximum SMS impact are the same words and phrases that your customers use!

Still unsure on what to do? Here are a few tips to help you compose your bulk SMS messages:

1.     Use action words. Because you only have 160 characters, it’s best to begin with an action word. If you want your customers to respond, tell them exactly what you want them to do.

2.     Use short sentences. Save the long ones for your email marketing.

3.     Don’t use text speak. While your primary target market may be young women aged 16 to 21, you don’t necessarily need to send them text abbreviations common only to them. Don’t alienate your other customers who may not be able to relate to this texting style.

4.     Lastly, edit, edit, edit!