Text or SMS marketing is a comparatively new tactic embraced by businesses from all around the world to promote themselves as well as their products and/or services. It is definitely a whole new world full of possibilities. Of perhaps it’s more accurate to say ‘endless possibilities’.  After all, with mobile marketing you have the luxury of personalisation, interactivity and abundant sales opportunities.

The empire of mobile/text marketing is expanding at a rather rapid pace, and if for some unfathomable reason you are yet to be a part of it then refer to the following section featuring some of its most prominent advantages.

Text marketing can do wonders for service industries

Reminders or notifications happen to be the simplest form of SMS marketing, yet they have time and again proved their potential as an effective marketing tool for service industries, especially when it comes to achieving quick ROIs.

Since mobile phones accompany us no matter where we go, and coupled with the fact that it is always hard to ignore a new message, text marketing ensures that we never forget to arrive at the doctor’s chamber on time, or drop off our vehicles at the service centre.

Text messaging can boost sales figure during the holiday season

The holiday season is fun because this is the time in the year when you reunite with your friends and family, perhaps exchange gifts with one another and so on.

Now considering that we all like to save a buck or two whenever we can, a mobile discount coupon can prove to be a pretty handy offer during this time. The bottom line here is that by using text marketing, you are likely to give yourself good exposure with the average consumer who’s strapped for cash.

Text marketing has a very high open rate

What’s the ultimate goal of any marketing professional or team? In one sentence, it is to enact and maintain a high conversion ratio. With bulk SMS at our disposal, text marketing is the ideal way to go about that task.

Compared to email marketing, mobile or text marketing has a much higher open rate and if you can afford to funnel your efforts into offering prospects attractive and relevant text campaigns, their chances of turning into leads will rise substantially. Also, unlike email marketing, text marketing is highly interactive and usually results in a higher click-through rate.