Selecting the right SMS marketing software may not be as simple as you think—then again, if you’ve been worrying about it and over thinking it, you might discover that it’s far easier than you’d imagined. Here are a few considerations when narrowing down your search for software to help you manage your bulk text messaging campaign.

  • Select a program or service that places top priority to processing opt-out requests. As always, the success of your business lives and dies by word of mouth. If someone has opted out of your SMS campaign, it isn’t necessarily because they’re upset with you or have lost interest in your brand. Therefore it’s important to honor their wishes immediately to not risk giving them a bad impression of your company.
  • Ensure there are security features in place that will not allow your SMS to be altered. SMS messages that originate from you and can be altered before they’re forwarded to others by recipients have the potential of evolving into a public relations nightmare.
  • Opt for technology that can deliver not only text, but multimedia as well. The competition in text message marketing is growing, and as it grows it becomes more fierce. A business that’s limited to sending simple text messages may not receive much of a response rate in the light of this competition.