Quite likely most companies has a marketing strategy in place; however, quite a few of them do not have an SMS marketing strategy in place to take advantage of sending regular text messages to your valued customers. If you are still developing your SMS campaign or are just starting out, then here are some great tips that will give you some amazing results.

1.   Avoid Using Cutesy Text Lingo

Creating text messages that make you sound like a teenager will not make you appear hipper, cooler or more in the know; this assumption is quite wrong. In fact chances are that your audience will be adults who will find such messages useless and annoying. Of course if you are marketing to teenagers then it makes sense to speak their language. Sure text lingo is shorter and faster, but if sent to the wrong audience it will only translate to wasted dollars.

2.   Use One Message

It is very easy to get carried away and dump multiple sales messages into a single sms bulk messaging campaign, especially if you have a number of sales campaigns running at once. However, it is important to remember that you have less than 200 characters to work with and it is easy to fill up that limit. To get the most out of your SMS campaign stick to one clear message.

3.   Choose the Right Time for Your SMS

The great thing about bulk text messaging marketing campaigns is that the texts are opened at a faster rate than emails. Additionally it generally doesn’t take long for your text to reach its intended target. With these facts in mind, you must ensure that you time your messages correctly and send them when your customers are most active or more inclined to act.

4.   Make It Easy for Your Customers to Buy Your Products

With any marketing strategy, especially SMS campaigns make sure that it is easy for your customers to cash in on your promotions and sales. If your customers have to go through a lengthy and confusing process to get their 25% discount, then chances are they will decline the offer.

5.   Use Sentence Case

Do you remember how you felt when you received a text message only to open it and realize that it is written completely in Upper Case letters? Annoying wasn’t it? Using case is basically the same as using text lingo; it just won’t get your message across positively. For starters text written in ALL CAPS is difficult to read, especially in a smaller screen.

Use case properly. ALL CAPS is supposed to be used to emphasize a word such as “SALE” to get you message across. Using all caps throughout an SMS kills this effect.

A well-planned SMS Campaign can significantly increase your conversion rates when correctly used. You should therefore take the time needed to plan your SMS campaign properly before you send bulk sms