Text message marketing is a relatively new form of advertising with many uses. One way to increase visitors to your website, blog, or social media page is to send a link via text. Not only is the link received instantly by subscribers, links may be used immediately to visit your websites. This can reduce subscriber procrastination and increase your chances of making a sale right now.

Check This Out!

Use SMS notifications to reintroduce subscribers to your website if updating or adding pages. Include your business name, website address, and short description of what subscribers can expect when they click on the link. Use text messages to highlight new product pages, sign up forms, surveys and polls, or drive traffic to blog, product review, and social media pages.

Links to Other Information

Presenting as much information as possible to niche markets allows people to make informed decisions about products and services. Sending people links to business reviews, write ups in local magazines and newspapers, online forums, and other places online where your business is featured can build trust and make people want what you have to offer even more.

Send links to other online business ventures you’re involved in to cross-promote additional goods and services. If partnering with other business owners, send subscribers links to partner websites. Just make sure your partners are doing the same so each business gets promoted and exposed to new groups of people.

Link Sending Etiquette

When it comes to sending links, there are a few guidelines you need to recognise to ensure click-throughs and sales:

  • Test links before sending to make sure they work properly.
  • Make sure to send links to specific places you want people to go. For example, don’t just send a link to your website when promoting a new product; send them directly to the product page.
  • Don’t over send links. Send one or two per month.
  • Don’t send irrelevant links to other business websites or websites that are just for fun. Save these types of links for social media pages.
  • Respect people by honouring opt-out requests. Make sure to include opt-out information on your website.

Follow these simple guidelines and you will see an increase in click-throughs to various pages on your website and other online properties.