There has traditionally been a disconnect between marketing that is done in person and marketing that is done online. In the business world, we enshrine the notion of “face time” with customers and think of it as that next level, above and beyond services provided through our ordinary channels of communications. It becomes easy to see SMS marketing as a keen accessory to our in-person presentation. It is still common for businesses to go no further in incorporating their text marketing service than laying out a clipboard for customers to sign up for notifications. After all, this is “real time” with the client and we wouldn’t want messy things like bulk mobile messaging to intrude.

  Not long ago this attitude was completely appropriate. But e-mail and text messaging have become increasingly ingrained, not only in how people do business, but how they live their day-to-day lives. In terms of live marketing and business events, this translates as a desire not just for “face time,” but for a full-fledged multi-media experience.

  Here’s where it gets tricky, because while customers want to experience a company’s offers on multiple levels, they still do value the in-person interaction and can be turned off by an electronic barrage. Show your customers that, while you are a technologically savvy company, you know how to use that power elegantly. Instead of laying out the clipboard and hoping they sign up, use everything from signage and flyers to event speakers to encourage them to sign up for your e-mail marketing service via text message. This will show customers that you are sincere in catering to them at all levels simultaneously and that you’re not just using a shotgun marketing method, or laying bait out in the hope that they’ll take it.

  If you are present at an event where attendees are voting on something or otherwise offering feedback, this is another golden opportunity. Not only is conducting these interactions via text message more accurate than using paper, it also increases the enjoyment factor for the customer. As said before, the text message has become a fully integrated part of daily life and it got that way because it’s fun for people to do. In addition to collecting the customer’s vote or survey, give them another opportunity to opt in to your SMS marketing service. They’ll enjoy the extra bit of texting interaction and there’s a good chance they’ll show it by acting on your offers after the event is over. This works with incentives and free gifts as well.

  It is easy for a customer to forget about a clipboard they signed their phone number or e-mail address to. It is not as easy for them to forget something that they have been engaged to act upon via e-mail or text messaging. Bolstered by your effective in-person presentation, the correct application of SMS marketing at a live event can serve to keep it “live” in the customer’s mind long after the event itself has ended.