Apple’s recent launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus currently have the world in the palms of their hands – or to be more specific, Apple has placed themselves in the palms of many millions around the world. Add to this the announcement of the launch of the much awaited iWatch in early 2015 and is clear to say that Apple has held true to the vision of its late leader Steve Jobs and stayed ahead of the game.

While Apple was thus far hesitant to adapt to NFC technology, the new product line now comes coupled with Apple Pay, creating a one-stop payment gateway using the very same technology that seems to not have gone down too well with Android users. Moreover, Apple Pay online payment service comes with the backing of Visa, MasterCard and American Express who have signed up to offer their cardholders access to this service, which in itself is an indicator that the bigger players are positive about Apple Pay’s success. This move echoes the success of iTunes when Steve Jobs himself convinced every major record label to come on board. This ensured the resounding success of the product with over 800 million users currently opting to buy their music online via iTunes.

Apple has an unbeatable success rate in the marketplace year after year and this is where the core of the good news lies for marketers who are sceptical about how a service like Apple Pay will help their efforts. Unlike the solutions offered by Android and other smart devices, Apple Pay is finally a universal platform that allows you to scan in your credit card once and continue to use the feature without even having to download an app to access it. The simplicity of the solution is what will make it a winner with enthusiastic consumers all over the world – finally, a digital, universal credit (and debit) card!

These solutions seem to have come together ideally so that other products will automatically follow through; think about how this can affect your business? While this specific feature doesn’t need a download, you can create apps for your specific brand with a payment gateway accessible by Apple Pay. Once the App is downloaded it becomes an easy way to stay on your consumers devices and thereby feed information through this app. Essentially, you are being given a medium that allows both online marketing and purchase simultaneously!

Take a closer look at the Apple Pay system and how NFC technology enables easy access to your consumers in more ways than one.