SMS bulk marketing is getting an awful lot of online marketers excited. Giddy, you might even say. It seems as if everyone involved in online marketing is looking at SMS marketing as the next great selling tool, much in the same way that email was first looked on in the “old days” before the advent of mobile technology and social media channels. So why all the excitement over mobile marketing? In a nutshell, because it’s got a foolproof penetration rate.

With SMS bulk marketing, you can reach your intended audience a lot easier than you can through other channels, including traditional email marketing. While it’s true that mass email marketing still has a very valuable place in contemporary marketing – and most will affirm that it’s only going to continue to remain as valuable – there’s one thing that sets SMS marketing apart from email and gives it a decisive edge: there aren’t any spam filters on SMS messages like there are in email. At least, not yet.

Until that time, the only significant hurdle that online marketers have in achieving the high penetration rates available through SMS bulk marketing is getting customers to agree to sign up for promotions. And while it’s far more likely statistically that you’ll get a customer to give up their email address before their cell phone number, there are quite a few effective methods of negotiating that hurdle. If you can think up some great incentives, you might just find SMS bulk marketing will deliver the kind of results some marketers only dream of.