Text or Talk – Women Do More of Both
A study by The Neilsen Company revealed that on average, women SMS more than men. In an average month, women send and receive 717 SMS text messages, 30% more than the 552 sent and received by men.

Meanwhile, men lead high-end monthly data activity on their devices with activities such as surfing the Internet (31% for men vs. 29% for women), reading and sending e-mail (33% vs. 30%) and downloading apps (24% vs. 21%).

Teen High Texting rate influencing texting in other age groups:

On the whole, consumers under the age of 55 use their mobile devices far more for text messages than for phone calls, of that group it ’s hardly surprising that teens text the most.  13-to-17-year-olds send and receive a staggering 3,276 SMS text messages in an average month. The next-highest average number of average monthly SMS text messages is (1,671), by 18-to-24-year-olds, almost half of the younger age range. Mobile users age 65 and older trailed behind sending only 46 SMS text messages in an average month.

While teens send more texts, adults between 18 and 44 make more mobile calls in an average month, clocking up 202 calls. This is 30% more than the 155 average monthly calls made by teens and about double the average monthly calls made by adults 65 and older (100).