Your Order has Arrived – Making Use of SMS Notifications

SMS notifications about order placement, arrival and other product/service notifications help put customers and clients at ease and increase your ability to provide quality customer service. You can easily automate notifications to reduce your workload.

Notifying Customers

Reasons to notify customers include:

  • Order confirmation
  • Order delay
  • Out-of-stock notice
  • Order arrival
  • Return of order received
  • Refund information
  • Order issue solved

Provide quality customer service to stand out from your competition by notifying and dealing with order issues as quickly as possible. Even though most orders are fulfilled without any problems, sometimes orders get lost or items are temporarily out-of-stock which can delay shipment times. Let customers know what’s going on and they will appreciate how upfront you are with them. Most customers don’t mind waiting a day or two longer for their merchandise as long as they know what’s going on with the order.

Messages to Send

If possible, address the customer by their first name. Include the most essential information about their order that you need them to know along with the order number and expected date of delivery. Include a customer service phone number or website customers can visit.

On the day of delivery, send another message asking if the customer received their order and if they have any additional questions or concerns. Maintaining consistent contact is important for maintaining long-term relationships with customers when order problems happen.


Send a follow-up message within three days of the customer receiving the order to verify they are satisfied.

Repairing Customer Relationships

If a customer is not satisfied, communicate with them by phone, SMS message, or email (ask the customer which method they prefer) until the issue is resolved. Word-of-mouth advertising is still one of the most popular ways to increase sales and build a loyal customer base. Use bulk text messaging to maintain contact with customers to ensure they have a satisfying shopping experience. Fix any issues that arise as quickly as possible to ensure repeat business.

Offering a discount coupon or price reduction should only be done when there are no other options left. Most customers prefer that you take the initiative to fix the problem instead of sending a coupon via text message or email to keep them happy. Keep in mind that SMS notifications should be used to identify and solve order issues and not an easy way to send discounts every time there’s a problem with a customer’s order.