1.     Spam

When your subscribers feel that your text messages are unimportant and uninteresting, they are most likely to discard and forget about them. When they become redundant and annoying, they’re treated as spam.

When this happens, your subscribers are likely to opt out and completely forget about you.

2.     Text too often

Besides spam, receiving messages too often can be very annoying. Sure, they may seem important and you think your customers may want to know when you go on sale — but you don’t need to text them each and every product and service you have on discount.

3.     Text too early or too late in the day

Research has shown that 9 out of every 10 mobile phone users read text messages within 3 minutes after receiving them — that’s because users consider these messages as important and must-read-right-away. Don’t abuse this fact by sending them messages at the most inopportune times of the day.

Ask your subscribers when they prefer to receive marketing messages and automate your SMS to be received at a particular schedule.

4.     Use complicated short codes

Complication leads to confusion, which leads to mistakes. Mistakes lead to unsent messages — important messages that come from your customers. If you want to hear from them, make your SMS short codes easy to remember.

5.     Use complicated commands

The same goes for commands. Wouldn’t you rather type in “INFO” and send to “1234” than send “!nf0” to “3409944”?

6.     Use text lingo

Sure, there’s a 160-character limit to text messages, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to shorten them using text lingo. There’s a reason why only the young use them — it’s very difficult to decipher!

Don’t let your messages get lost in translation. If you want a shorter and more effective text marketing communications, keep them short, direct and simple.

7.     Forget to edit

Forgetting to edit is as bad as using text lingo. If you want your customers to take you seriously, edit!

8.     Forget to integrate with other marketing tools

SMS message marketing should not stand alone. It becomes more effective when you integrate it into other marketing tools and campaigns, such as traditional and social media.

9.     Forget to disclose texting costs

Bill shock is a sure fire way to annoy your customers and push them to opt out. Disclose your costs — it’s only fair.

10.  Forget to include an opt out option

Your customers should never be a prisoner of your marketing campaigns. Allow them to opt out.