Why subscribe to SMS marketing? Because it allows customers to interact with you! SMS marketing need not be a one-way affair. Want to know how? Here are some great text message marketing ideas

1.     Subscribers text in feedback

An efficient customer feedback system is essential in any business. Your success hinges on how your customers perceive your product or service. Are they happy with it? If so, what makes them happy? What have been their experiences with their product and/or your sales personnel? Give them the opportunity to do so by giving them a short code to text in their feedback.

2.     Subscribers text in to answer a poll

Want to know which types of services and/or products your customers want to see next in your shop? Want to know where they want you to put up your next store? You can hire an expensive market research service to find out the answers to these questions.

Or you can run a text poll. It will save you on cost. Sweeten the pot by offering special discount or privilege when they vote in.

3.     Subscribers text in to register for an email newsletter

Make subscribing to your email newsletter a breeze by having your customers text in their email address to enroll. Saves both you and your customer time—and from typographical and encoding errors, which are usual mistakes when customers sign up through a form.

4.     Subscribers text in to register for events

Got events? Have your VIPs RSVP to your event using your SMS service. Have other attendees register through an SMS short code and confirm their inclusion in the guest list through SMS. It’s easy and convenient!

5.     Subscribers text in confirmation for appointments or receive text reminders

SMS reminders for services or maintenance checkups that customers are due for are examples of excellent customer service. It’s impressive, too and will help keep your customers loyal for a long time.

6.     Subscribers receive links for website or social media page

Use your SMS marketing campaign to increase traffic to your website and subscribers/followers to your social media pages. Encourage your customers by sending in links to these pages.

7.     Subscribers receive links to download app

Mobile phone and table apps are the “in” marketing tools these days. Let your customers know and encourage them to download your app by sending a download link through SMS.

8.     Subscribers receive special discount vouchers for use in-store or online shop

Who doesn’t like special discounts? Encourage in-store traffic by providing special discount vouchers to your text opt in subscribers.