1.     What to text: a single uncomplicated message

The 160-character limit for text messages poses a challenge to many marketing professionals. However, customers may appreciate the succinctness that SMS provides. Your business should take advantage of this by sending bulk SMS that are short and simple.

Stick to one message. Are you letting your opt in subscribers know about the latest product? Keep the message about this new product. Don’t include information about anything else—such as an in-store sale that you might have. This may confuse your customers and lead them to believe that you are running a sale on the latest product. 

2.     What to text: simple and straightforward instructions

It’s easy to convince people to do what you ask of them when the instructions are simple and when the process involves easy-to-follow steps. Put yourselves in your customers’ shoes and consider what steps they’d find convenient and simple to do.

Some businesses would prefer to use unique SMS short codes to call attention, but don’t sacrifice simplicity for distinction to the point of complication. For example, don’t you find texting “CARS to 2277” easier than texting “C@R5 to 527986?” Your customers find your instructions too cumbersome and frustrating that they may end up not doing it at all.

3.     How to text: keep ‘em short and direct.

Long and winding messages have no place in a 160-character text. Use short sentences and keep your message direct.

4.     How to text: use action words

Don’t beat around the bush. If you want your text messages to resonate, use action words. Want them to visit you during a limited time sale? Ask them to COME. Want them to use an exclusive text vouchers? Tell them to GRAB it or to SAVE by using them. Want them to purchase a new product you just launched? Invite them to BUY. Your customers are more likely to respond with an action when you tell them what to do than merely informing them of a new product or an upcoming sale, or handing them out a discount code.

5.     When to text: be relevant and find the proper timing

Timing is everything. Text marketing messages won’t work if your opt in subscribers don’t get to read them. Don’t annoy them by sending them at the worst possible time of day—such as too early in the morning or too late at night, or when they’re at their busiest.