Start a mobile campaign to advertise your business or to market specific goods and services. This form of marketing allows you to quickly reach more people without having to spend time and money in designing and sending postcards, brochures and fliers if you don’t want to. And even though you may still want to rely on traditional marketing methods, consider adding bulk SMS to your marketing arsenal.

And if you’re still not convinced SMS marketing is for you, consider the following benefits.

Limited Time Offers

Plan a limited time offer or one-day sale quickly by sending mass text messages to those on your mailing list. Traditionally, these types of offers and sales take weeks to plan – from developing the idea to sending out marketing materials. With SMS marketing, you can plan these types of sales and offers within hours. In addition you can send updates and reminders to encourage sales and entice customers – which you can’t do using traditional marketing methods.

For restaurants and other service-oriented businesses, you can announce daily or nightly specials to get more people in the door. Host a VIP event and invite only those on your mailing list to attend – the possibilities are endless!

Connect on Multiple Levels

Connect with customers on multiple levels to increase sales. While you should continue to use traditional marketing methods, you should also add SMS marketing and email marketing to reach customers more often. Try to aim for three to five points of contact each business quarter (every three months). Points of contact may include:

  • Business brochure
  • Postcard
  • Flier
  • Email message(s)
  • Text Message(s)

Connecting with customers often reminds them that you are still in business and ready to provide quality goods and services. Since most people lead very busy lives, it’s up to you to maintain contact with customers. Use all the methods available to you to sustain a profitable business.


Cross-promotion of goods and services has never been easier! Combine direct mail, online and text message marketing to promote several goods and services at one time. You can also partner with another business to reach even more people. When partnering with another business, make sure:

  • The other business’s customers will want your goods and services (and vice versa)
  • Both businesses share in marketing duties
  • You respect the other business, their marketing message and the goods and services they sell (and vice versa)
  • Sign a contract that outlines the nature of the partnership

As you can see, the benefits of starting an SMS marketing campaign can be very beneficial.