Smartphones and other portable devices are really beginning to change the way people research and buy goods and services. Not too long ago, consumers either went to a retail store or browsed the retailer’s website to learn more about a product or to make a purchase. Retailers now need to pay more attention to mobile marketing and harness the power of mobile campaigns.

Not Just to Buy Things

Retailers need to recognize that people are not only using mobile devices to talk, send email or request directions. These days, smartphones and other devices have the capability to quickly browse the Internet which gives consumers instant information about products available.

According to Nielsen’s Q3-Q4 2011 “US Digital Consumer Report,” 38% of consumers use their smartphones to compare products and prices and to determine store locations, while 32% read online reviews to learn more about specific products. Consumers then used this information to visit store locations or retailer website to make a purchase.

This means that people are spending even more time than ever browsing the Internet for goods and services (since they are no longer reliant solely on a PC, they can browse the Internet while waiting for a bus, when in line at the grocery store, when visiting cranky relatives or during their lunch break).

What Does This Mean for Retailers?

As a retailer, you want to take advantage of as many advertising and marketing avenues as possible to promote and sell goods and services. Sending SMS notifications to subscribers encourages them to start browsing for information that could eventually lead to a sale. Instead of waiting for consumers to stumble upon your website or read a product review online, you can ‘prompt’ subscribers to do so by gently reminding them to check out your website, read a product review or visit your store to take advantage of a one-day or weekend sale.

Purchasing Power

Smartphones and other portable devices have also made it possible for people to buy products using their device. By sending mass text messages with a link to a particular product or to your website, you can encourage consumers to make a purchase right then and there.