Even though it may be common sense to most people to review marketing messages before sending, sometimes people get busy or lazy and send messages without giving them a final once over. In most cases, the marketing messages you send will be error-free, but every once-in-a-while (call it Karma, fate or dumb luck), a message will slip through that is grammatically incorrect, or worse, socially inappropriate.

Spelling Errors and Other Issues

Presenting yourself as a successful business person, especially when sending SMS notifications, begins with proper spelling and grammar. Yes, this even applies to text messages. When crafting messages:

  • Don’t abbreviate words to save space
  • Write out full names of businesses and products
  • Avoid using slang
  • Eliminate the words ‘this’ and ‘that’ when appropriate
  • Use action verbs
  • Only include the most essential information
  • Use small sentences

With 140-160 characters, you definitely have to develop fine-tuned editing skills to make sure you get your message across efficiently, but effectively.

I Really Didn’t Mean It That Way…

Before sending mass text messages, read each message at least three times to make sure it won’t offend anyone. When creating marketing messages, many business people tend to focus so much on saving space while trying to entertain/inform/dazzle, that they forget that some phrases have double meanings (and not in a funny, cool way). Some of these meanings may be trashy or risqué, so it’s best to read text messages out loud to catch any instances where phrasing may offend subscribers.

Ummm…This Link is Broken

Sending broken links is not just sloppy marketing, it’s also very insulting to subscribers who take the time to read your message and then follow the links you provide.

Make sure all links you send work properly. Check frequently to ensure subscribers can click on them and go to your website, blog, social media or product landing page.

How to Fix Mistakes

Fixing spelling errors and grammatical mistakes is easy – stop making them. Refer to a dictionary, ask a friend to proofread your messages or slow down and take the time to review them before sending.

If you accidentally send an offensive message, send a reply as quickly as possible that explains the error with an apology. In most cases, people will forgive you. Worst case scenario, you lose a few subscribers.

Check and recheck all links. Send the correct link in a follow-up message to subscribers along with an apology.

Fixing your mistakes and sending follow-up text messages as soon as possible is the best way to salvage any damage done to your list.